Monday, June 20, 2011

Death to Vision

When I'm in Vegas, it's difficult for me to relax.  I had to argue with myself just to take this seat at Starbucks at Rio and jot down this quick update.  It's actually taken about six minutes just to come up with the first two sentences and I haven't even said shit yet.  My mind races and there are hands being dealt and I'm not being dealt one.

If you follow my twitter (I know... who would?), you know that my luggage didn't arrive in Vegas when I did.  Vision airlines.  I mean, who the fuck is VISION AIRLINES??  Well, they fly out of Gvegas two days a week and I happened to want to leave on one of those days.  So for $229 one way plus $15 to check said luggage (ironic?), they left my bag in Destin Florida.  I was in Vegas for two full days wearing the same socks, underwear, everything.  I was miserable.  I was on life tilt and I argued and yelled at Vision Airlines the whole time.  It's pretty hard to focus on poker with all that going on.  I don't tilt much at the table, but life tilt is something that I ave no control over.

I'm down a little.  I played at the Rio for the first four days as I was staying here and then on the fifth night I stayed at the Flaming and played at Aria.  Those five nights were comped through Harrah's and then I went downtown and paid to stay at the Golden Gate.  The room was tiny and was more suitable for drugs and hookers, but I only slept there.  I played the uncapped 1-2 game at the Golden Nugget all weekeend and ran like total shit.  I flopped two pair about fifty time just to be called down and rivered.  Whaa, whaa... I know.  I'm just saying, I'm down a little.  I love downtown though.  I'm over it for now, but I do love it.

I'm back at the Rio today.  The next four nights are comped again and I intend to keep fighting the fight.  It takes me a few days to get on track here anyway, especially with sleep.  I feel pretty good right now and as usual, typing this stuff out is theraputic, like a massage.  I'm gonna go grab a seat in a 2-5 game and then later I may travel over to Aria where, by the way, I had my best session so far this trip with an win of $1100.  I need to get some chips and hold on to them for a few days and we'll be on track.


  1. love to hear about some profitable and losing sessions in more detail, especially Aria, as I've never played there. Give Bally's and Bellagio a shot as well, they can be profitable rooms w/ a good collection of tourists and Eurodonks. GL!!

  2. Next time play at The Orleans. Loose locals and lots of gambling asians... Definitely worth the cab ride.

    MGM is a good place for $1-$2 as well as Bellagio... and the M Resort if you have transportation.

  3. What happend to the single table satelitte plan?? I will be down tomorrow if I see you I will say whats up. I will be at the V grinding single table sats and playing cash all over town


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